Thanks for stopping by and reading our blog! David and I have had many journeys and challenges in our lives and we have realized that the one thing that gets you through, and the one thing you yearn for, is “home”.

We own two Benjamin Moore decorating centres in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, so our lives revolve around colour and design. There is no simpler way to add some character and life to your surroundings than with a coat of paint! But we realize that there are so many more things that make your home a great place to be and it is our hope to share our ideas and help you make your home a sanctuary.

We hope that by reading this blog, we can help you create your own sanctuary wherever it may be and at whatever stage in life you find yourself.

Family and home are the most important things to us and we want to share whatever insights, good advice and helpful tips we can pass along to you that we have learned in our 28 years together and 25 years in the interior decorating world. Of course, we will also throw in some good food (David’s jambalaya), travel adventures and maybe even a parenting tip or two (since we have four of them, kids that is!)

Thanks again for joining us!
– David & Jane